Art, Recycled Collectables, Music and Healing

My mission is to have a love filled life with my friends and family and to do this I like to share my studio and my life with you. Veronica and I have been friends for 35 years and we have figured out a few things in life to be happier and healthier. We are the TwoHippyChics working out of Burning House Art Studio in Apple Valley, Ca.  I WILL have ceramic art, posters, beads, and coming soon leather belts and Dog collars, that I made also. This will be for sale in my studio just in time for Christmas shopping! We also will have  CDB PRODUCTS that are legal everywhere!  Coming in DECEMBER, bath bombs too! OH GOODIE! and if you want to talk about healing through natural products, I will have more to talk about with Greens and as the license process envelops us. Thank you, NOT ILLEGAL at all.