Come as You Are

Studio motto is Come as You Are, Leave Different Than You Were, the structure of a classroom is gone and there is plenty of art making going on, in fact there is more.  With the addition of performance and live music the studio is marching forward, I’ll always have room for someone to bring their pens, paints or cameras to my open hours.  We are in great need of theatrical supplies, drapery, costumes, actors, comedians, magicians and musicians.

Ready, Set and Go filming and webcasting all the shenanigans in a documenty style, for the baby boomers by the baby boomers...Wellness and community connections through shared life experiences.  With story telling,  role playing and  comedy skits  as a way to enrich and bring well being in to the community.

Jam Draws to live music and cannabis friendly studio, for over 21 year olds.  Open for visitors Wednesday and Friday noon to night. Veterans welcomed with fanfare and extra everything!  THC = TwoHippyChics XOXO