Everything is ready!

Make it and serve it make it and serve it make it and serve it, over and over again, thats been the tune I have played to my entire life. SERVICE HAS SERVED ME WELL. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I had a need and I had an Idea, so I made a couple of shirts and sold them to a boutique in Laguna Beach in 1969, and home making  some thing or sale and selling it is the  financial security I have known and understand.

I can say its hard to switch thinking of a lifetime! so I’ll just say it. ALL IS NOT READY, (I use to have work dreams where I’d rush to get everything ready and something was wrong , no cash resister, no stock  or ?)  but thats a long time ago, ok!  Like I said a new way to think!!!    We are just GETTING STARTED.  Ceramic side is in crazy flux as I start a new project. YES!   Art and Antiques  will be gathering  Come and visit. Im there Wednesday and Friday Noon to night.