Jam Draws

I like to draw to live music, in the moment of spontaneous living and enjoying the moment to the fullest. This takes a community of artists to accomplish and everyone gets action in the moment, the dancers, musicians,audience and art making, drawing, painting, sculpting and its not about good lighting and lots of pre thought  but IT IS all about the ACTION and REACTION; its a conversation between souls at the level past the confinement of words.  In the action all the creative neurons firing, its a zone, a place to board the train.

In the creative zone there is room for everyone, the action and the appreciation. The process spins joy, confidence, mental stimulation and just feeling happy later on! and thats what joining a community of like minded folks can do.

Oh there is a big need for things to be done at the studio; art gallery and collectables corner and the game-room for SCRABBLE or POKER tournaments. For the time being we are working the stage area with lights for performances.  the pic is a jam draw called the Shy Drummer, I work on this now. XOXO