Kilns for Sale

Happy Summer folks!
I have 2 great kilns for sale, both from Laguna in LA.       The first kiln is a natural gas 20 sq foot Up draft, never been outside! Has a digital pyrmeter and shut down, a heavy duty manifold with 6 Venturi burners. Front loader with heavy duty brick and a arched door way with a water column gage for manual burner control. This kiln was 15,000 new, I want 6,000 and Ill include vent hood and ducking.
The next kiln is a propane 4 burner Raku Kiln from Laguna,10 square feet,
the canister is heavy duty fiber. This kiln has a digital pyrometer and manual control and shut down, this kiln includes the dolly with casters attached to the unit. it is portable, this kiln was 2500.00 new and Im selling it for 1500.00. Both kilns have been treated right and as in perfect shape. feel free to contact me through 7609001245