Oh Yeah

Every Wednesday afternoon and FRIDAY evening  studio is open for musicians to bring their instruments and join in on the fun on our little stage. as well as artists can bring their sketch pad or camera and have some fun as a community of riders of the creative wave that is NOW.

Jam Draws

I like to draw to live music, in the moment of spontaneous living and enjoying the moment to the fullest. This takes a community of artists to accomplish and everyone gets action in the moment, the dancers, musicians,audience and art making, drawing, painting, sculpting and its not about good lighting and lots of pre thought  but IT IS all about the ACTION and REACTION; its a conversation between souls at the level past the confinement of words.  In the action all the creative neurons firing, its a zone, a place to board the train.

In the creative zone there is room for everyone, the action and the appreciation. The process spins joy, confidence, mental stimulation and just feeling happy later on! and thats what joining a community of like minded folks can do.

Oh there is a big need for things to be done at the studio; art gallery and collectables corner and the game-room for SCRABBLE or POKER tournaments. For the time being we are working the stage area with lights for performances.  the pic is a jam draw called the Shy Drummer, I work on this now. XOXO

Fry-DAY night Jammin

Your jamming me! hopefully that will be the battle cry!  What I’m talking about is sweet live jam music so spontaneous and creative! A work out for the musicians flow of the real and now playing or JAMMIN as I call it, has the double edge of the audience that grooves to the sounds in the real and now, Good vibes feed back !!  Oh and if that isn’t enough??? I like to draw to the audience and the band, so join us with you head, heart and hands, bring your own, instrument, dancing feet, admiring eyes, sketch pad, smokes, ok. and lets hear YOUR JAMMIN ME! 

Come as You Are

Studio motto is Come as You Are, Leave Different Than You Were, the structure of a classroom is gone and there is plenty of art making going on, in fact there is more.  With the addition of performance and live music the studio is marching forward, I’ll always have room for someone to bring their pens, paints or cameras to my open hours.  We are in great need of theatrical supplies, drapery, costumes, actors, comedians, magicians and musicians.

Ready, Set and Go filming and webcasting all the shenanigans in a documenty style, for the baby boomers by the baby boomers...Wellness and community connections through shared life experiences.  With story telling,  role playing and  comedy skits  as a way to enrich and bring well being in to the community.

Jam Draws to live music and cannabis friendly studio, for over 21 year olds.  Open for visitors Wednesday and Friday noon to night. Veterans welcomed with fanfare and extra everything!  THC = TwoHippyChics XOXO



Everything is ready!

Make it and serve it make it and serve it make it and serve it, over and over again, thats been the tune I have played to my entire life. SERVICE HAS SERVED ME WELL. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I had a need and I had an Idea, so I made a couple of shirts and sold them to a boutique in Laguna Beach in 1969, and home making  some thing or sale and selling it is the  financial security I have known and understand.

I can say its hard to switch thinking of a lifetime! so I’ll just say it. ALL IS NOT READY, (I use to have work dreams where I’d rush to get everything ready and something was wrong , no cash resister, no stock  or ?)  but thats a long time ago, ok!  Like I said a new way to think!!!    We are just GETTING STARTED.  Ceramic side is in crazy flux as I start a new project. YES!   Art and Antiques  will be gathering  Come and visit. Im there Wednesday and Friday Noon to night.