Two Hippy Chics Grateful Gathering

This is us, two hippy chics! We bring a grateful gathering to the folks joining in the celebration of legal Marijuana.  Yes!  its a new day and its full of new ideas and words, all about how Cannabis can help with pain relief, anziety, cancer and many other issues. I always knew I needed it, for 50 years my mental stability depended on  it, I bought black market until barely 2 years ago. The sweetest part about legalization is the scientific finding support the anti-depression and anti-arthritic properties “what my body has always said to me was right !” I told everyone it was Mother Earths remedy!
So, I have to say I am so happy to be able to open my studio to have a fun place to listen to music, discuss new products and have a few vendors to serve and show new products in the Cannabis fields. Roni and I call our Sesh a Grateful Gathering.

Joan and Roni    We love you Xoxo