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Definition of RAKU 1:  Japanese hand-modeled pottery that is fired at a low temperature and rapidly cooled 2:  a process by which pottery is fired at a relatively low temperature and then moved while hot to a closed container with … Continue reading

Wheel Festival Aug. 23, 2014

Burning House Art Studio’s Wheel Festival  was an ‘on the town’ good time.  From beautiful classic cars to motorcycle displays and rad bicycles.  Even a 1989 white hearse.IMG_4239aaa IMG_4241aaa IMG_4242aaa IMG_4243aaa IMG_4244aaa IMG_4246aaa IMG_4248aaa IMG_4253aaa IMG_4254aaa IMG_4255aaa IMG_4256aaa IMG_4259aaa IMG_4260aaa IMG_4261aaa IMG_4263aaa IMG_4265aaa IMG_4268aaa IMG_4271aaa IMG_4274aaa IMG_4276aaa IMG_4278aaa IMG_4279aaa IMG_4285aaa IMG_4287aaa IMG_4289aaaa IMG_4290 IMG_4293aaa IMG_4296aaa IMG_4300aaa IMG_4302aaa IMG_4302aaaa IMG_4314aaa IMG_4318aaa IMG_4323aaa IMG_4330aaa IMG_4331aaa IMG_4333aaa IMG_4337aaa IMG_4338aaa IMG_4340aaa IMG_4341aaa IMG_4342aaa IMG_4346aaa IMG_4349aaa IMG_4351aaa IMG_4353aaa IMG_4355aaa IMG_4358aaa   How to make an ice cream sunday.   #1  Scoop out the ice cream.IMG_4366 2aaa#2 Add choloate sprikles.  #3 Add enormous amounts of whip cream. IMG_4378 4aaa #4 Add choloate syrup. IMG_4387 5aaa  #5 Add colored sprinkles IMG_4390 6aaa  #6 Add M and M’s. IMG_4399 7aaa   #7 Add cherry on top.IMG_4406 8aaa #8  Get to customer before it all melts. IMG_4408 9aaa  #9 Satified customer. IMG_4412 10aaa IMG_4418aaa IMG_4420aaa IMG_4421aaa IMG_4431aaa IMG_4432aaa IMG_4434aaa IMG_4438aaa IMG_4442 IMG_4445aaa IMG_4449aaa IMG_4452aaa IMG_4453aaa IMG_4454aaa IMG_4455aaa IMG_4457aaa IMG_4463aaa IMG_4464aaa IMG_4467aaa IMG_4471aaa IMG_4475aaa IMG_4477aaa IMG_4481aaa.  Lots of hand made, one of a kind, ceramics were available for sale featuring glazed, procelain bowls for ice cream sunday concoctions.  The high engery Blue Henry Boy’s and Maggie Vee gave an intense performance throughout the evening.  What better way to spend a weekend night.