Burning House Art Studio thats me, Joan, gives lots of thanks to all the folks that supported me and check up on me since the studio closed. My health is not so good lately, but thanks to the good good folks here in this valley… lots of help around my house and evening with artists that keep my spirits up…not really, i could say its April fools day but its coming on Christmas, so enjoy the season of good will to man and peace on Earth.

Kilns for Sale

Happy Summer folks!
I have 2 great kilns for sale, both from Laguna in LA.       The first kiln is a natural gas 20 sq foot Up draft, never been outside! Has a digital pyrmeter and shut down, a heavy duty manifold with 6 Venturi burners. Front loader with heavy duty brick and a arched door way with a water column gage for manual burner control. This kiln was 15,000 new, I want 6,000 and Ill include vent hood and ducking.
The next kiln is a propane 4 burner Raku Kiln from Laguna,10 square feet,
the canister is heavy duty fiber. This kiln has a digital pyrometer and manual control and shut down, this kiln includes the dolly with casters attached to the unit. it is portable, this kiln was 2500.00 new and Im selling it for 1500.00. Both kilns have been treated right and as in perfect shape. feel free to contact me through 7609001245

Retirement…What? now its Time to Discover.

Retirement…what does that mean? Were old? Yes, and We also have a lifetime of knowledge and experience! and something else? A unique position to see many generations at the same time. Waisted time and time well spent look the same when your in the chaos of modern living but not from the perspective of having been through it all, we have served somebody.
In the words of Bob Dylan, ‘serving’ is also another unique position to be in action with someone OTHER THAN YOU and needs your attention, there may be tears, blood and a tired body, spirt and mind, that may not get rest for years. Just hang in there, knowing the good work of loving IS, important! I know this to be true from my experience. Its not over yet.
New challenges with health and health care is frustrating , to say the least! It seems to me everything is upside down, the insurance says We need care? Cant see my PRIMARY CARE DR when sick, all they care about is a mammogram and Pap at 65! I’m like an automobile at 165,000 miles! Sick Bastards! Pills coming next? Blood tests ordered!
I tried to keep my families lives as natural as I could, it wasn’t easy. Everything we do takes us away from nature, unless you go camping a lot and that’s not really back to nature except it is closer than most get. Seeking Mother Nature and a way back to the garden has been a love of my “Hippyness” and that served me well through the years. And many many years with out Hippy friends, I did what I could and I held on to my beliefs and one of them is that Cannabis is my medicine.
The world is full of distractions and mis-information about Cannabis, THIS IS BLOWING UP THE MEDICAL WORLD and financial schemes everywhere. Its not a lie or a scheme, Cannabis can and will ease suffering for all of us and something more! You can grow it!

Yes, Cannabis is grown easily! Its not hard to process it, in to edibles and smoking materials for personal use. Why is that important? Because…
What can soothe the savage breast? What can quiet a heron addict? What can “balance the clock” of depression? What does a concentrate do to cancer inside a living being? All animals included, too. It is a food. It belongs in the garden, the kitchen and the medicine chest. I knew it was help for the spirit, as it helped my spirit stay true to natures way of love my entire life. Now, I am looking to retirement and aging, I found MEDICAL MARIJUANA compassion act, so WE the twoHippyChics went shopping and discovering… I cant wait to share what we discovered.

The T H C Club

The TwoHippyChics are happy to introduce the THC club, is an entrance to our studio where art and music are king! Subscription to our brand of studio events are discounted for members and many events will be free for members only. Our hospitality sets us apart from the rest as this is a smoking environment, no one under 21 unless part of a group. Special group art events, workshops, musical recording sessions, receptions and meetings: booking now for spring and summer. Get your THC today!!! XOXO


Our studio will be open for 2 days a week, Wednesday afternoon and Friday evenings. This Friday night is website for twoHippyChics launch out party, all is invited to see the studio, join the THC club, dance to live music jam, enjoy social surrounds and enjoy PIZZA, see my gallery and collective corner. THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE IN THE HIGH DESERT LIKE MY STUDIO after all our motto is … come as you are, leave different than you were.