Harvest Sesh Dead on the Hilltop

After the dust settled we were the last people standing! Two Hippy Chics Introductions made so many new friends! Im really grateful to the weather, it could of been worse. The striped tent was a blessing and I brought a little heater, good thing, our toes were cold, Chilly Willy! The people we met for our first newsletter were so sweet I can hardly wait to write the newsletter.  More more more pictures are coming, I gotta rest after all that trucking’ I gotta patch my bones. Care Bears. XO Joan

Two Hippy Chics Grateful Gathering

This is us, two hippy chics! We bring a grateful gathering to the folks joining in the celebration of legal Marijuana.  Yes!  its a new day and its full of new ideas and words, all about how Cannabis can help with pain relief, anziety, cancer and many other issues. I always knew I needed it, for 50 years my mental stability depended on  it, I bought black market until barely 2 years ago. The sweetest part about legalization is the scientific finding support the anti-depression and anti-arthritic properties “what my body has always said to me was right !” I told everyone it was Mother Earths remedy!
So, I have to say I am so happy to be able to open my studio to have a fun place to listen to music, discuss new products and have a few vendors to serve and show new products in the Cannabis fields. Roni and I call our Sesh a Grateful Gathering.

Joan and Roni    We love you Xoxo

Two Hippy Chics

Two hippy chicks out on the road looking for California gold. We will be traveling in a 1978 ‘Roll A Long’ Ford camper or the crazy magic bus bringing art to all of California and beyond. This website will be about selling my art on the road. I hope everyone enjoys.

learning a New Art Form?

Learning is not fast or easy and a short cut through all the ‘mistakes’ takes a little help from a teacher. Its not magic its private lessons or small group studio studies. Painting takes a lot of technique and color mixing, its not hard just takes time to develop a skill level of handling materials. The right kind of brushes, paints, source material. As the basics of a art medium become clear through instruction and practice so does self confidence and the ability to step out, with out a teacher and make art!

Studio News

I am happy and proud to introduce my updated Etsy shop with all my new RAKU works for sale prices and shipping, its so easy. I’ve had some sales to New York and the mid west, so maybe the digital market place is okay.  the shop is called ****Burning House Boutique******The link is in the categories.xo

Big Freeze OUT!

IMG_3448Hey there Clay fans! this winter is so cold, how cold is it? So cold that the mud, slipped off the wheel froze solid when it hit the floor!  Thats a tough crowd!

So… just a note to let all the clay fans know Im still alive and not kicking, its freezing out there.

I hope the New Year brings health, wealth and lots luck to everyone that ‘came as they were and left changed.

A Tree Outside

Ceramic artWhen I look out the windows of my old house, I see my trees, just standing there, well, actually they has gotten big over the 30 years I lived in this house. I surrounded my house with trees long ago for shade, how they endured! My little girls long gone from under and in them, I find,  a comfort in their forms, textures, shapes and shades and how the sunlight changes them hourly.  Then something fantastic happens inspiration rides my waves of working on a tree and I arise from the dead, once again.