RAKU under the STARS

I am so happy to bring to my clients..RAKU! What is RAKU?…..

Raku is a special effects glazing fire, that includes a reduction post firing process… oh, there’s more, lots more and the technical side is interesting… I would like to talk about the creative application for you my artists. IMG_5675As on this star, the velvety blacks and the silky whites truly a design delight. The silky white develops cracks that fill with carbon and become a visual feast! This star was cast from Porcelain slip and Rhodes White (dry glaze, mixed for each project) was applied where the white is, the black swirls were left naked and carbon from the RAKU gave the star its velvety black.

IMG_5623When the special Fiber Kiln reaches  temperature, easy up the walls and with tongs I reach in for the urn. Its hot and I need to carry it over to the canister. Usually I have one canister for every piece in the kiln.

I love this part, as I move away from the heat,  I see the glowing heart of my works.IMG_5660IMG_5667







Inside the canister I have flammable newspaper balls, thats where the beautiful blacks come from, carbon. After the paper starts burning, the top is placed on the can, Reduction of oxygen, volcanic changes with in the mineral based glazes,oxides, metallics, Gold, silver, copper… Pure magic folks!

Come as you are,

leave different than you were.





Activate Your Family

There’s is no way I can talk about how fun a family group can be at studio with out sounding like a corny commercial. I think new experiences builds brain and heart happiness in every-BODY and when it ART…Its allowed to be magical, therefore, we are allowed to be magical.

IMG_5486 IMG_5479


HAPPY NEW YEAR !   This year I will be introducing some new services at studio, firing your creations that you make at home. I know well that a busy home-life cuts into creative time and when your ‘free time’ ends up at 10:00 pm, there isn’t time to go to the studio.  I also know that the longevity of properly fired ceramics is a must for the serious ceramic and glass artist. The joy of work…  our hands, our minds, as we decide the shape for the cup, we make to drink from, must be matched in firing and glazing to make a complete piece, that could be used as a dish to eat from, art pice to look at, an URN to hold ashes of your loved one. The longevity of ceramic artworks if off the chart, centuries! ( Take that canvas )! Although you may not have time to come to OPEN STUDIO, you can bring your works to me, I’ll fire for you. I have loads of clays to pick from, took kits, too. Studio has extensive house glazes and lots of experience.  See YOU soon?


Inside BHAS




On the inside of the studio, is just where I wanted to be when I was first RE- LEARNING ceramics, I of course had IT during school, I was good at it, I remember.   Its a lot like it was … only BETTER! This time you can control the projects that you build. Need bowls? want to make unique gifts? Heat resistant and durable? Food safe? so, inside my studio has some fun projects for a comeback artist…

come as you are, leave different than you were

Special Events

IMG_4880IMG_4246I am so happy to announce special group rates for scouts, home schoolers, family groups and any group to my “explore clay” projects starting at $25 with all supplies included, and on site.

The second program I am introducing is “decorate cups” ,  that the studio has hand made from fine porcelain clay, very sweet one of a kind creations when the group glazes with many colors and stamps to choose from, also with excellent advice and creative direction from Joan, these will be a family heirloom to be treasured for years to come. Prices depend of cups needed and amount of artists. All ceramics made at studio will be fired and be complete when picked up after events, usually a week. Book your event now!

Mixed Media Assemblage

Assemblage: is an artistic form usually created on a defined substrate that consists of 3 dimensional elements projecting out from the substrate. It is similar to collage, a two dimensional medium, usually from found objects but is not limited to these materials. I have been very much influenced by these artists Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell, Betye Sars, Robert Rauschenburg, Man Ray, Edward Kienholz.  Altered objects is another name for a good search for great ideas. With this in mind….

I am introducing a new project for students, all supplies included and interesting processes under the parameters of each special project, the fee for this Assemblage box will be $50. The project will consist of a new wooden box( beautiful, furry pine)  with doors that we attach at the end of the project. I will have 5 angel figures (bisque ware), A couple are darling cherubs,  to choose from. Other angels to attach later as well as, birds, roses, an offering cup and vase to choose from. Glass fusing will be offered as a back ground for the angel in a box and the artist will stack her glass and glaze her ceramics during the first visit. The following and final  meet we will  complete the assemblage. BHAS will fire both the ceramics and glass for the next week meet up.

October 23 and October 30, 2:00-4:30 $50 fee,  ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED. Not part for studio package of 45$ 8 visits.