Paper Clay

Paper clay- is a mix of fine white clay mixed with paper, as a sculpting clay it can’t be beat. The property must appealing about paper clay is the ability to successfully add wet to dry. Most clay bodies crack when adding wet clay to dry, and the added piece comes off when drying or during the firing, this alone could save a project, and your hard work.

Another feature that can’t be beat is the tensile strength of the dry clay before bisque firing. This ability could help a thin tall sculpture not crack from its own weight when drying and in to the first firing that hardens the clay in to a solid. It is important to BHAS a to help our students works proceed thru the process of building, drying, bisque firing, glazing and glaze firing unto a finished ceramics artwork.


Cobalt blue mug with bird design and textured handle
Cobalt blue mug with bird design and textured handle.

Blue cup with designs from up-cycled plaster molds, wheel thrown cup body, bird form handle. Made at Burning House Art Studio during open studio Tuesdays 11-3, my pleasure is to help artists discover clay as a mode for self expression. I am a blue cup.

Cups, mugs sharing kiln student works.
Cups and mugs sharing kiln space with students works.
Wheel-formed cups
Wheel-formed cups, some with handles and added textures.